Pomegranate juice Raw honey Organic olives


organic certification and controlled geographical origin

unique Macedonian ecological products

Terra Megdan DOO Valandovo deals with the production of unique Macedonian ecological products (pomegranate juice, raw honey, organic olive fermented in a traditional way), which are our own production or from our local partners with controlled geographical origin. We have organic product certification.

We claim our products to be certified as organic, but also as products of strictly controlled geographical origin. That is why we have our own production of raw materials and our own subcontractors. The plantations have entered the process of organic certification. Pomegranate is an organic product, which is not treated with pesticides, herbicides, insecticides or other chemicals.


Pomegranate juice Raw honey Organic olives

without preservatives, added sugars, dyes and additives

from the southeast corner of the beautiful Macedonian country

Our products are without preservatives, added sugars, dyes and additives, produced by pure natural production processes spiced with a lot of love.

We are located in the southeast corner of the beautiful Macedonian country, in Valandovo – the organic garden in the Balkans,
where the symbiosis of the Mediterranean and the continent really did their best.

At  the moment there are two types of products of Kuvet pomegranate juice, it is the HO-RE-KA line with small 200 ml bottle and liter package.

Terra Megdan also produces “Kuvet” raw honey, which is analyzed and certified by
QSI Bremmen, Germany, the world’s best laboratory for bee products. For a few months on the market will come out and with another new product “Kuvet” olive, made at home
recipe. Their mission is near time to open and boutique ORGANIC BIO SHOP for tourist tours and visits, which will be accommodated in their plantations in the vicinity of the village of Rabrovo.